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Invent Value is a single platform for cultivating divergent thinking and
transforming your team’s creativity into valuable results.



Collaborate with your team to ideate and evaluate ideas.

challenges ideate

Ideate independently.

Understand the problem, opportunity and constraints, then set your team free to independently cultivate divergent thinking. Ideas from others are hidden at this stage to prevent groupthink.

challenges collaborate

Collaborate as a team.

Everyone’s ideas become visible and your team is encouraged to ask questions, discuss ideas, give praise, and contribute additional thinking.

challenges evaluate

Evaluate holistically.

Review all contributions holistically and allow your team to vote for the best ideas. Moderators can reward top contributors and turn key takeaways into action items.



Organize your team’s thinking in a central place.

boards thinking

Gather thinking in one place

Create boards for different project, departments, or initiative. Give team members a place to contribute ideas outside of a challenge. Automatically import ideas from a completed challenge.

boards sort

Visually sort ideas

Use Kanban view to visually sort through ideas. Create custom column labels, then drag and drop ideas to order both vertically and horizontally.



Gather team feedback to improve your organization.

pulse survey

Create and schedule
team surveys.

Get feedback from different groups within your organization Tap the mindshare of everyone on your team from janitor to manager Gain insights on how to improve your business from the inside out.

pulse calendar

Automate your ongoing
innovation process.

Automatically send survey question weekly or monthly to understand how issues and ideas evolve over time. Effortlessly maintain a consistent dialogue with team members to innovate continuously.

Harness the power of
process-driven innovation.

A 3-step process based on proven principles of innovation helps you get the most from your team to deliver valuable results.

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9 Keys to an Innovative Culture

An innovative culture is much more than technology, it involves putting workspace around your process and people that spurs ongoing engagement and action against things that matter. Good habits take time and the InventValue program conveniently puts all the pieces in place to help innovation thrive continually.

  • Organize

    Turn your problems, opportunities, and initiatives into beautiful problems and exciting challenges by framing them up and decide who helps out. Our wizard with sample questions, description placeholders, guiding constraints, and more helps you prepare for guiding your team to innovate.

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9 Keys to an Innovative Culture

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